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Have You Tried Yoga or Baking for the First Time This Year?

Posted by David Wall on
Presenting beautiful buns.

1. How are you passing the time during Covid Isolation

When I asked friends, family and workmates this question two of the most popular responses were Yoga and baking! Many people this year have tried these activities which you can do at home and that are relatively inexpensive. So, if you are new to either of these activities and want to know a bit more, I hope this short guide will be useful.

2. Short Guide to Online Yoga

You may not have considered yoga thinking it’s very difficult or not wanting to go to a live class (pre-social distancing) where you will be a beginner or you may think it’s just not for you. Whatever your reasons now is the perfect time to give yoga a try in the comfort of your own home!

Benefits of Yoga

I like Yoga because you work at your own pace. No matter how slowly you progress Yoga can help with flexibility, balance, posture and strength-building. The breathing exercises and short meditations are helpful in stilling the mind and switching off for a brief time from any stress you may have in your life. Also, the relaxation part at the end of most sessions leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to face the world again.

A Word of Caution

Please note the following before you embark on any Yoga practice – it is recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning any yoga exercise programme to establish if it suitable for you.

Where to Find Yoga Sessions You can do at Home

I started with a beginner’s DVD and currently participate in a weekly live Zoom class but there are many YouTube Yoga Channels, websites and Apps. It’s always useful to ask friends and relatives who enjoy yoga if they have any recommendations.

Otherwise why not take a look at the following free YouTube online video from ‘Yoga with Adriene’ - Yoga for Complete Beginners - a 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout:

If you like this Adriene has a website with other free Yoga videos, Blogs and more.

What Equipment do You Need to Do Yoga at Home?

The beauty of it is that you don’t need a lot of equipment: –

  • Yoga mat if you’ve got one or a blanket or large towel are also fine. Some cushions or a foam block are also useful but not essential.
  • Loose or comfortable clothing and an optional blanket to cover yourself during the end relaxation period.
  • Quiet room where you will be undisturbed
  • Access to a TV, laptop or tablet

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3. Trying Baking for the First Time

If Yoga is not your thing you may be one of the millions of people around the world who embraced baking this year. If you haven’t tried it and need some inspiration why not check out some of the cooking and baking shows on TV, Streaming Services or on YouTube.

Online Baking and Cooking Shows

There are so many to choose from, some are competitions like the Great American Baking Show or Sugar Rush and some are simply designed to show you how to cook and bake like Martha Bakes or Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry On.

The BBC Food website looks at the bakes we’ve turned to in lockdown which include all kinds of bread, flapjack, chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. If you fancy trying any of these there are links to those recipes on this website.

Jamie Oliver: Keep Cooking and Carry On

The popular British chef has regular cooking shows on PBS, but because of COVID-19 he premiered ‘Keeping Cooking and Carry On’, a series that’s all about easy-to-make recipes at home.

On this show he gives suggestions on how to swap out ingredients if you don’t have them in your store cupboard or can’t find them at the grocery store. The first five episodes go to plan, but starting at episode six, things go awry when the lockdown means that Oliver is unable to work with his television crew. The remaining episodes are a mix of the chef at home with his wife filming on her phone, intercut with favorite segments of old Oliver cooking shows.

Check out the video below showing 'How to Make Bread'.

Best Movies about Cooking

And if you’re not keen on trying cooking or baking but want to be entertained watching other people cook then check out one of the Best Movies about Cooking. My favorite is Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams which is a biographical comedy drama which contrasts the life of chef Julia Child with the life of New Yorker Julie Powell who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Child’s Cookbook.

Why you should wear an Apron when baking

Baking is great fun and a fantastic way to use your leisure time when you’re stuck at home but it can also be messy! While wearing an apron isn’t strictly required for baking it is useful for several reasons. Not only can it provide a shield for your clothes from the spattering of flour, eggs etc but aprons also give other benefits that we don’t necessarily think of.

Grease stains are notorious for being very difficult to remove from fabric and you don’t want your favorite clothes covered in droplets of oil rendering them unwearable. No one wants to ruin their clothes with hard to remove stains. Keeping an apron hanging around in your kitchen makes protecting your clothing simple.

Man and woman wearing elegant, practical aprons from USKEES USA.

Wearing an apron is also an easy way to limit the risk of germs from your clothes coming into contact with your food. While an apron isn’t going to be eliminate contamination in all situations, it will lower the chances.

Where to Buy Aprons

You can find a great range of modern denim aprons on the Uskees USA website. Choose from either traditional denim work aprons or modern Japanese-style no-tie Aprons from $45.00.

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