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Why a Long Jean Skirt is Essential to your Fall/ Winter Wardrobe

Posted by David Wall on
Wearing maxi stonewash denim skirt with white t-shirt.

1. Why do I Need a Denim Maxi Skirt this Winter?

Purchasing a denim skirt is a fantastic way to add versatility and on-trend style to your 2020 winter wardrobe! Why do you need one? Read on to find out:

Long Jean Skirt with black t-shirt and bleached denim jacket.
  • Relaxed and Comfortable

    A long jean skirt has the comfort and adaptability of your favourite pair of blue jeans but is easier to wear. They also tend to suit women of all ages and sizes. For those women who like denim but are not a fan of jeans it is a great way to add some denim to your wardrobe. So, whether you’re tall or short, curvy or column-shaped, a maxi denim skirt can work for you.

  • Keep you warm in the colder months

    Keep cosily warm by wearing your long denim skirt with thicker pantyhose or leggings and boots in fall and winter. Long denim skirts also pair well with roll neck sweaters and sweat shirts.

  • Available in a Range of Sizes & Denim Washes

    There is an appealing choice of long jean skirts available, to buy online, in many denim shades including vintage wash, stonewash , pale wash, indigo and black denim. Many long denim skirts are available from US Size 8 up to US Size 22. Check out the range of Plus Size denim skirts (Size 14–22) on the Wash Clothing Company website and browse the large selection which includes short skirts and mid-length skirts as well as maxi skirts, so there is something to suit almost everyone. Ensure that your skirt is just grazing your ankles rather than the floor for ease of movement and to avoid tripping yourself up!

  • Hardwearing & Easy to Care for

    Denim skirts are easy to care for and the fabric itself is known for being very durable and long-lasting and we all know that denim just gets better with age! This means that a good denim skirt is an investment and can become a key part of your outfits for the colder months, not just this year but for many years to come.

  • Affordable

    Compared to some of the other fabrics that skirts can be made of, denim is a reasonably priced material and skirts made of denim are usually within an affordable price range for most women and girls. At Wash Clothing Company we have a range of quality long skirts in denim and corduroy priced at an affordable $49.99.

  • Long Denim Skirts are a Multi-seasonal Piece

    You can wear long denims skirts through fall, winter and spring – just change your styling and accessories to suit the season. This makes them a hard-working asset for your year-round wardrobe.

  • A Casual & Modest Look

    The maxi denim skirt is a classic simple look but with a modern vibe for those women who prefer a modest style of dress.

2. How to Style a Long Denim Skirt

Let’s take a look at some styling tips for full length denim skirts:

  • Choose Quality

    The first step in creating a stylish new look with a long denim skirt is to invest in a skirt that offers a combination of style and quality. After all, this will be the foundation of your outfit. If you haven’t already purchased a skirt, check out our popular selection of long denim skirts and cord maxi skirts for women.

  • Keep Your Look Casual

    Next, be sure to keep your look casual. Long denim skirts are all about that relaxed, laid-back look and that is why so many women love them. You can easily style a long denim skirt to suit your needs and to make going from work to dinner with friends effortless. Pair a maxi jean skirt with a soft cream sweater and a jacket, and you are ready for a date night or a weekend brunch!

    One of the best things about a long denim skirt, besides the fact that they are easy to style, is that they are perfect for just about any occasion. From a trip to the local park with the kids, to an informal office meeting or a shopping trip, a long denim skirt is the go-anywhere, do-anything article of clothing that can make choosing an outfit easier than ever.

  • Is Double Denim Twice as Good?

    Double denim isn't just the preserve of cowgirls, anyone can experiment with it! However, we would recommend that you don’t pair a long denim skirt with too much other denim. A denim jacket in a slightly different denim wash can be cool.

  • How do you Accessorize a Jean skirt?

    Choose fashionable accessories to vary your winter jean skirt look. The trick to styling a long jean skirt is to complete the look. You can still keep it looking modest and stylish while adding a few simple on-trend accessories. For example - a pair of cute earrings, chunky or layered bangles, a statement necklace, a scarf or a belt.

    Here's a short video providing some great tips on styling a modest maxi jean skirt:

  • Choosing Winter Footwear to Pair with a Long Jean Skirt

    The right shoes or boots can take your jean skirt look to the next level with ease!

    This fall why not team up your long denim skirt with some super casual chunky sneakers. As the weather gets colder invest in some on-trend footwear such as thick soled ankle boots or this season’s new cowboy boots - the boots can be high or low heeled, suede or leather. Check out Marie Claire magazine’s guide to the best new winter boot styles for some fresh ideas.

    Or just wear your favourite trusty boots from last season - they all seem to work! If you’re short, pair your maxi skirt with heels to elongate your legs.

3. Where Can I Buy a Long Jean Skirt?

So, as you can see, the benefits of having a maxi denim skirt in your winter wardrobe are many and various. If you want to add a maxi skirt to your denim collection, check out the range of skirts in denim and corduroy on the Wash Clothing Company website and find your perfect skirt for this fall/winter season.

Long Indigo Jean skirt with light gray shirt and black tank top.

No doubt women everywhere will love having one or more jean skirts at their disposal to satisfy their denim cravings for the coming Fall and Winter season and beyond!

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