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The Rise of Loungewear

Posted by Paul Clapham on
The Rise of Loungewear
  1. What exactly is loungewear?

    The dictionary definition is ‘Casual, comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home’. The emphasis is on cosy-cool style and relaxed comfort, so soft, stretchy materials are a key feature. Most loungewear collections include sweatpants or leggings, jumpsuits, pj’s, t-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans and hoodies.

  2. Why does everyone love loungewear?

    Even before the coronavirus lockdowns, increasingly flexible working habits, and the growing freelance workforce in the USA, had already led to increased demand for relaxed, more lounge-focused apparel.  Loungewear is the perfect middle ground between working in your pjs and office wear.   Since the first corona virus lockdowns last year, those of us who had to work from home embraced the revolution in casual cosy clothing and the demand for loungewear apparel has never been higher. 

    The feel-good style of loungewear is not only perfect for working from home but it’s also appealing as the perfect outfit for a lazy weekend, ‘Netflix and Chill’ evenings and the ever-popular daily walk in the park.

    It is thought that even when things get back to a pre-corona virus state, there will be more people taking advantage of flexible working patterns and many will not go back to full-time working in the office but will still spend part of their week working from home. This means that the demand for a comfortable laid-back look will extend far beyond this year and well into the future.

    Sitting on sofa wearing blue 'Oui' t-shirt with gray pants.
  3. What are the different styles of loungewear?

    Most loungewear pieces can be mixed and matched – you may have a staple pair of neutral colored sweatpants and several different tops to go with them. Check out this YouTube video for some tips on ‘Loungewear Outfits and How to Style’-

    Different pieces are available in a wide range of fabrics to suit your mood and your purse. Choose from organic cotton, cashmere, cotton jersey and velour. If you’ve built up your collection of loungewear over the past year you may be interested in this article about how to style loungewear after lockdown. As they say ‘loungewear isn’t just for lockdown, it’s for life....’

  4. So, is it acceptable to wear loungewear out of the house?

    That is the beauty of these pieces; apart from actual pj’s you can wear your loungewear from head-to-toe out of the house for an ultra-casual look. Or you can mix and match loungewear pieces with everything from denim skirts to jeans or linen trousers for a relaxed everyday look.

    Woman wearing navy-blue jumpsuit.
  5. Discover the Wash Clothing Co. Loungewear Range

    Upgrade your off-duty style and get cosy this spring by adding some classic, versatile loungewear pieces to your wardrobe. Check out our range of women's loungewear including oversized cotton jersey overalls and jumpsuits and our new sweatpants, fabulously soft sweatshirts and graphic t-shirts and hoodies that are comfortable but are also super stylish. Whether it's a go-to outfit for a casual weekend or something snug and comfy to slip into after a long day at work, our loungewear has you covered.

    • Organic Cotton Loungewear

      Explore our range of organic cotton loungewear including slogan t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and graphic hoodies in a selection of colors.

      Woman wearing baby pink sweater with grey pants.
    • Loungewear you can go out in

      All of our collection can be worn outdoors; mix and match sweatpants and hoodies for an ultra-casual look when you’re out walking the dog or taking the kids to school or pair a slogan t-shirt with a stylish Jumpsuit or comfortable oversized overalls for a relaxed brunch with the girls. Our soft jersey jumpsuits have been particularly popular during the last year!

    • Loungewear tops

      Here we take a look at our range of loungewear t-shirts and sweatshirts in more detail:

      If it’s chilly, what’s better than a super soft snugly sweatshirt to chill out in while you are bingeing on a Netflix box set? Choose from classic organic cotton crew neck sweatshirts in neutral or grey, or embrace a cute pale pink sweatshirt with the ‘Wonderful’ slogan.

      Taking us through Spring into the Summer season we’ve got a brand-new range of logo t-shirts made from 100% organic ringspun combed cotton in a variety of colors. They are ideal to pair with any of the jumpsuits in the range or with our classic grey sweatpants.

      Wearing white 'WASH' branded t-shirt and gray pants.
    • Loungewear hoodies

      Who doesn’t love a hoodie? They are ultra-comfortable and cosy. Not to mention the fact that Logo Hoodies add a spot of urban chic to your outfit! The key to making a hoodie look stylish is choosing one which is a good fit, is made from quality material and pairing it with apparel that will complement the relaxed look. At Wash Clothing Co. you can choose from the quirky ‘Oui’ logo hoodies in grey or navy organic cotton or the classic ‘Megan’ drawstring hoodies in plain red, grey or navy blue. The choice is yours!

    • Loungewear sets/two piece co-ords

      Two-piece, grey loungesuit with black 'WASH' branded bobble hat.

      The new stay-at-home must-have is a comfy and chic co-ord loungewear set. Loungeable sweatpants and hoodies are the perfect go-to outfit for days when you can't decide between pjs and actual clothes! We are all spending more time at home than ever before, and we’ve definitely moved on from asking whether sweatpants and hoodies are appropriate for WFH to wearing some version of them for most of the day! As part of the Wash clothing Co. Loungewear range, you can choose to pair our ridiculously soft ‘Margo’ grey marl sweatpants with a matching ‘Celeste’ hooded sweatshirt for a fabulous casual and cosy vibe.

      Get your loungewear fix now with super comfortable apparel from Wash Clothing Co.’s latest loungewear range.

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