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How to Rock the Loose Fit Jumpsuit

Posted by David Wall on
Two-thirds length shot wearing black, cotton overalls, paired with plain white t-shirt.

Introducing The Jumpsuit

One of the popular trends for this season is the oversized loose fit jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are a stylish and comfortable must-have for the Spring/Summer season. Lightweight and easy to pack they are an essential vacation requirement if you are jetting off for a sunshine break. Jumpsuits are a statement piece to add to your closet - a head-to-toe, all-in-one garment that creates a dramatic look that is always on trend.

Two-thirds shot wearing pale pink, loose fitting cotton dungarees with black vest and chunky, multi-coloured necklace.

So, we hope the following styling tips will help you to rock the oversized jumpsuit look with style and confidence!

Choosing The Right Jumpsuit

The first step is to choose the right one for you. Jumpsuits for women come in a wide range of styles including everything from ultra-casual to formal. You will find relaxed fit jumpsuits in sleeveless, long sleeve and off the shoulder versions, as well as both wide-legged and narrow versions which are designed to highlight your natural curves.

How Do I Wear A Loose Fit Jumpsuit?

Whether you are tall or short, you can style an oversized jumpsuit to look fashionable and stylish. If you are taller, choose a wide-legged jumpsuit that ends just above the ground. For shorter women, a slim, more cropped style of jumpsuit will add height and give them a much more slender silhouette. Typically, loose fit jumpsuits are best suited for casual occasions as they can be much more laid back in appearance.

Here's a short video containing another 15 creative ideas to style a jumpsuit through all seasons.

How Do I Accessorise My Look?

Now that you have chosen the right jumpsuit for your body and the occasion, it is time to accessorize:

  • If you like the baggy jumpsuit style but want to accentuate your waist then be sure to add a stylish, noticeable belt to your outfit.
  • If you’ve never worn a jumpsuit before try adding a blazer or a smart jacket. It breaks up the look and adds a layer to make the jumpsuit more understated. When selecting a jacket choose one that enhances the colour of the jumpsuit and goes with the occasion.
  • As far as jewelry is concerned keep it oversized and tasteful for an evening look or funky and chunky for a fun daytime vibe.
  • Not all jumpsuits that are oversized are casual in nature, but when they are, your footwear should be too - for a dressed down daytime look flat pumps or colorful sneaks can look great.
  • For an evening style, complete your jumpsuit look with high heels or strappy sandals which add a touch of elegance as well as some height. Be sure to choose slim heels instead of bulky ones to keep your look sleek and stylish.
Black ladies' jumpsuit styled with an 'over the shoulder'  denim jacket.

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