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What is the Urban Streetwear Trend?

Posted by David Wall on
Young man walking through narrow suburban road, wearing distressed denim overalls with gray hoodie.

How Easy is it to Style Streetwear?

Streetwear is about the mix-and-match, pieces from different brands and cultures that together reflect your own loyalties and interests. Just a few carefully chosen pieces and you’ll look like you were styled by a professional! We love denim overalls as they are easy to style, just add a cool t-shirt and some stylish sneaks and your look is complete. You can create a wide range of on-trend looks with just a few pieces from your wardrobe.

Introducing the Urban Streetwear Overall

Of the wide range of looks that make up the urban streetwear trend, our favourite is, of course, the urban streetwear overall! This is a look that is stylish and that looks good on just about anyone, from men and women, even children.

The urban streetwear look was a rather raw, rebellious look, but lately it has become many people’s go-to everyday casual style as dress codes become more relaxed. From wearing in a casual-dress work environment, hanging out with friends to lazing around the house, it is a look that is guaranteed to get you noticed.

How do I Style Men’s Streetwear Overalls?

Think loose not baggy. Pair with an oversized bomber or a cropped jacket if you want to balance out the looseness. Check out the ‘Bertie’ Bib-overall range, available in mid-wash and pale wash distressed denim. Go short in the summer with the 'Blake' cargo pocket bib-overall shorts!

Cargo pocket pale wash bib-overall shorts paired with hooped t-shirt.

How do I Style Ladies’ Streetwear Overalls?

Forget the super skinny styles of late and embrace a style which is more about comfort and utility - the new ‘Dottie’ Overalls for women have a traditional 5 pocket design and a relaxed vibe.

‘Dottie’ style denim indigo bib-overalls for women, paired with gray blouse.

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