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How to Wear Overalls In 2019/20

Posted by David Wall on
Top-half view of model wearing gray cotton bib-overalls paired with loose-fitting white shirt.

At Wash, you know we’re big fans of bib overalls. Whether you love classic denim overalls or the lighter, more relaxed jersey look, we design to cater to all overalls styles because we love them so much. In 2019, styling bib overalls is easier than ever before because this year, accessories are so key when it comes to trends.

Sitting on floor wearing black jersey dungaree jumpsuit with white sneakers.

Here, we take a look at some of our favourite ways to style up overalls for 2019.

Take Your Accessories Back to the ‘90s

From belt bags to retro trainers, ‘90s accessories are seriously in this year and they work perfectly with a bib overall look. Denim or not, wrap a neon or sports-inspired belt bag around your waist to cinch in your shape and keep you hands-free all day long. Trainers are the perfect combo so stick to retro and colourful Air-Max or old-school coloured Adidas Classics for the perfect take on this look.

Do It with Heels

Always thought overalls were strictly casual outfits, designed for a day of housework or gardening? You couldn’t be more wrong this year. Because for 2019, overalls paired with heels is such a look. Whether you’re dressing up for date night or girl’s night out, layer your overalls over a simple crop top or bralette and style with sky-high heels for a seriously stylish take on the trend.

Black heels and denim - foot shot.

Make It Workwear

This trend won’t work for every workplace but depending on your office dress code, dressing darker hue overalls up for workwear is ultra-popular this year. Dark or black denim works best for this look as it keeps the aesthetic slightly dressier. Layer with a feminine silky or ruffled shirt and add smart heels or mules with a chic tote bag for office vibes with an all-in-one edge.

Layer Up Your Denim

We’ve all heard of double denim, right? But what about even more denim? Instead of simple jeans and a denim jacket, layer up denim dungarees with a fitted denim shirt for a look that could even pass as triple denim. Add pops of colour through your accessories to break up the blue or even style a black denim shirt under blue bib-overalls or a blue denim shirt under black overalls to add some extra dimension to your look.

Overalls or Maybe Begin with a Jumpsuit?

If the idea of denim bib-overalls is making you nervous, why not first try out one of our jumpsuits to ease you into the all-in-one vibe? Our Jools Jersey Jumpsuits are chic, yet comfortable, fitted to the body, yet relaxed and come complete with a flattering cowl neckline and racer-style back. It might not be a full bib-overall, but it’s a step in the overall direction!

Sitting on white box wearing Wash Clothing Company’s ‘Jools’-style navy-blue jersey jumpsuit.

Whatever way you want to style up your overalls, one of these 2019 trends has got to work for you! We love to see the new ways our customers accessorize our overalls and for us, it’s a classic look that will never go out of style. Shop now for men’s and women’s overalls or jumpsuits and join the trend!

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