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Our Ten Tips for Surviving a Music Festival

Posted by David Wall on
Joyous girl at festival, wearing denim jacket with backdrop of tents.

We’re right in the middle of festival season, which can be a lot of fun but also overwhelming if you don’t plan ahead. Music festivals typically last several days and constant partying can take its toll on even the most experienced festival goers. Don't let a lack of preparation leave you unable to enjoy the full experience a music festival offers.

So, in the spirit of the season, we’ve put together our top ten tips for surviving a music festival!

1. Tickets

Buy your tickets from a reliable vendor, you don’t want to arrive and find that you’ve been scammed and your tickets are counterfeit.

2. Don’t Over-Pack

Make sure you have a sturdy backpack but don’t cram too much in. Travel light and bring only the essentials. You’ll be grateful later.

Woman wearing acid wash jeans with backpack, taking photo at music festival.

3. Get There Early

Getting to the festival field early means you won’t be left with a camping spot directly next to the bathrooms. Need we say more?

4. Camp Near a Landmark & Give Your Tent an Identity

If you are going to a big festival it can be difficult to find your way back to your tent if you can’t easily identify it! Experienced festival goers try to identify some nearby landmarks and often add flags to their tents to help them see where their spot is from a distance. Also say hi to your neighbors, they’ll be next to you for the duration of your stay!

Festival tents in sunshine at music festival.

5. Style Yourself Simply in Overalls

Obviously, we’re big fans of bib overalls and there’s nowhere quite like a festival to nail this look. Not only do overalls make life so much simpler (lots of useful pockets!) but they’re comfortable and a classic music festival item. Style with trainers or even rubber boots and anything from a crop top to a hoodie depending on the weather!

Two young women wearing festival overalls.

6. Bring Extra Charge

Running out of phone battery on day one will really annoy you. Make sure you’re prepared with extra battery packs for all your electronics.

7. Don’t Forget Personal Hygiene Supplies

Festival bathrooms are often overcrowded and understocked, so you will need your own supplies in case the bathroom's stock of toilet paper and soap runs out. People generally recommend bringing some wet wipes and hand sanitizer too.

8. Protect Yourself from the Sun

For Summer Festivals it is essential to bring sun protection as you don’t want to end up with painful sunburn. Bring Sunglasses that block UV rays, a hat, sunscreen and lip balm. Oh and stay hydrated!

9. Don’t Leave Anything Valuable in Your Tent

Keep an eye on your valuables, unfortunately not everyone is here to listen to the music. Never leave valuables in your tent, even if you padlock the zip.

10. Have a Going Home Plan

An early or late exit might just save you from hours of queuing so plan how you’re going to get away ahead of time for a hassle-free departure.

Have fun, be safe and let us know your top festival tips!

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