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Who Wears Overalls?

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Who Wears Overalls?

When Are Overalls Suitable?

Are Overalls only worn by fashionable women or are plumbers, painters and other workmen the only people who can wear Bib-overalls? What if I told you that both of these are right. In fact, every one of the above ideas of who should wear overalls is right because anyone can wear overalls, at any time, and for just about any occasion.

Ladies Overalls image by Gonzalo Arnaiz

How Versatile Are Bib-Overalls?

Overalls are worn by men, women and kids all over the world regardless of age, profession or socio-economic position. Overalls are the perfect fashion statement, they are ideal for work or play, and they are the perfect example of clothing that can go from activewear to loungewear in no time!

overalls for men and women

Are Overalls Comfortable?

Why is it that overalls can mean so much to so many people? Overalls are not only stylish, but they are also comfortable, easy to wear and can be paired with just about anything. For workers, bib-overalls are functional and for kids overalls are as playful and fun as they are.

kids denim bib overalls playwear

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